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DreamWeaver Cathryn and Brianna

Page history last edited by Brianna Massingale 9 years, 11 months ago

What is Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a popular piece of software that develops web pages. Dreamweaver allows users with very little experience to feel comfortable with creating websites.


Who would Dreamweaver be useful to?

Anyone that wants or needs to design a web page from the beginning user to the advanced.


What are the uses for Dreamweaver in the K-8 classroom?

 Dreamweaver is an excellent tool for teachers to be able to create their own class web pages, as well as have students be empowered to create their own web sites.


Dreamweaver's uses include: 

  • Create a classroom website to enhance curriculum 
  • Provide for unique ways of displaying student work 
  • Give parents and students access to notes, homework and testing information at home
  • Highlight classroom themes and school calenders by providing a localized information point
  • Provide resource links to students and parents (educational games, crafts, teaching standards, ect)  
  • Showcase student successes and special events like birthdays


Resources for Future Learning and Tutorials 




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