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My Mini Teach is the timeglide.



During my lesson, I would like you to be just a teacher who is there to learn about a new way to work a time line.


Kindergarten Standard 

Strand 1: American History

Concept 4: Revolution and New Nation

PO 1. Recognize that George Washington was our first president. 


You are going to need your computer with the internet.

Go to timeglider.com

Log in using my login for today


Once you are logged on then you will look at the smart board.

On the smart board as a class, we'll be discussing what the difference between a regular time line and Timeglider.


Then we will go to time glider to show how it would work for even the youngest grade.


We will be going through a small lesson on George Washington. Here you will see how interesting the Timeglider can hold the students attention, and as we know keeping the attention of students at younger ages can be such a challenge.



Now that you have seen how a Timeglider can be used within a younger grade. I will be having you make one with me in order to know how Timeglider.


I have started The WWII Time line but just to start one you want to go to the tab "new timeline" filling out the title, description, the initial year, which the timeline when you click on that particular timeline, then lastly you want to click on the initial zoom level. This is can be as close as the actual time to as far back as the century.



To add an event to the WWII timeline you first want to click on the tab "new event". Then you fill out the event and the description dates and how far it would last if the even happed over several years. In addition, the "importance" level determines how large the event is shown on the timeline.


Then if you want to add a image you can click on the tab and then go to "open library" tab and I've placed a picture for each event in WWII. If you would like to add in your own picture, what you would need to do is save it to your computer first. Then go to the "up load" tab to add in the time glider library. Once it has been up loaded to the library, you can add a title to the picture.


Once you have added all the information that you would like then you MUST click the "save" tab. If you do not then all the work is lost. Lastly, with this version of the timeline you can add as much as there is time so long as it is not in the future tense. 


Now how to see all the dates is easy in one of two ways you can zoom out of the initial time level or you can grab the timeline and slide it across to see the entire event at the time level you wanted. 


That is all that the Timeglider is and how it can be used at all different levels of learning.


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